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I am forever using analogies to communicate with my clients. Let's be honest. Most people don't understand what I'm talking about.Yet, if a business owner wants to hire me, they'll need to understand if they are going to feel confident investing in my services. The art of good communication is paramount between the designer and the client. That's why I look for every day occurences to compare to so that even if you don't "speak my language" we can still develop a successful working relationship in which your goals are met without any surprises.

There are a lot of designers out there and if you have never worked with one, you may find it overwhelming to choose. Good design is a heck of a lot more than just looking pretty. A skilled, educated, professional designer not only understands the jargon but knows how to apply it. For example, I tweaked the kerning and leading in the quote at the top of this page. The default settings weren't quite what I wanted. You're thinking "what did she just say?" I increased the space between the letters in each word and decreased the space between each line.Good design is meticulous and requires attention to detail.

With all the software available today and much of it being easy to use right out of the box, millions of people are creating their own designs. That doesn't make them "good." I'm a pretty good baker but I'm not going to offer to bake my best friend a wedding cake. I also know how to sew but I doubt she'd want me to alter her dress. When I need something done well, I trust people that have knowledge and expertise that surpasses my own. When you buy a program and open the box, do you know what doesn't come with that disk? My education. My experience. My skills. My talent.

Sure, you could spend countless hours learning and struggling, beating your head against the wall and come up with a design for your business that's "good enough." But wouldn't you rather invest a little in my services and let me produce a solid design that has you smiling like the cheshire cat while you focused on what you do best?

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